First leg fantastic at EYOC relays

At the team leaders meeting last night we were warned that the courses were difficult (very difficult) with low visibility and runability on a steep bouldery slope that all courses visited. The organisers warned that if the athlete's lost contact then it would be very costly. The athletes were suitably cautioned so it was with some nerves that they started this morning, but they responded superbly.

Jamie and Chalotte both had storming runs coming in second on M and W18 respectively. Aine finished in 6th on W16 but was again disappointed with some time loss despite a great result. Jack lost some time on the tricky slopes, annoyed to have been caught out. The 2nd leg 18s kept us in contention with steady runs. However florence was the star of 2nd leg bringing the w16 team to 3rd. The 18s again had steady last legs finishing in 7th and 8th places. Katrin brought the 16s home also in 7th. The terrain continued to catch the M16s out. Some of the coaches could identify with the problems having got a taste of the area in the coaches race. James was best of the coaches in 6th!

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