European Youth Orienteering Championships - Kopoanik, Serbia


12 British juniors raced in today's long event, many competing at this level for the first time. The terrain was challenging with steep bouldery hillsides and varied vegetation. Putting on a British top and competing at an international event (with all the trappings associated with it - start draws, quarantine.....) can be a daunting task with the athletes setting high expectations for themselves.  Many were frustrated that one or two errors disrupted a good run and cost them valuable time.  This was true for those at all levels and for all nationalities.

The primary goal for our team is gaining experience racing at international level. Jonny Crickmore, who already has a previous EYOC under his belt, raced very well after early problems, proving his ability on the European stage and finishing 11th. Aine was top of the W16 in 24th place.

Other results available at: 

EYOC continues with relays tomorrow and sprint on Sunday.

M18 Jamie, Alan, Jonny
W18 Charlotte, Jess, Bex
M16 Jack, Finlay, Peter
W16 Aine, Florence, Katrin

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