PWT round five


Nick Barrable

Park world Tour round five was held in Nagoya in Japan. Many of the worlds top elite orienteers have headed out to the Far East to compete in the final rounds of the Park World Tour and also train for the World Orienteering Champs in Japan in 2005.

In the men’s race Johan Nasman of Sweden beast David Schneider of Switzerland by 4.9 seconds. Holger Hott Johanson was in third place beating compatriot Oystein Kvaal Osterboe. Pasi Ikonen was third. The Brits who have made the journey included Nick Barrable who was 14th and Oli Johnson who was 17th

In the women once again Simone Niggli-Luder (world champion and world cup winner) was the winner with Jenny Johansson of Sweden in second place. A trio of Brits have made the journey over with Sprint Specialist Helen Bridle the pick of the bunch in 10th place. Sarah Rollins, PWT overall leader before Japan, was in 12th and Jenny Whitehead was in 18th.

In the overall standing Nick Barrable still remains high in ninth place. In the women’s Simone Niggli Luder’s win moves her above Sarah Rollins into first place. Helen Bridle is the next Brit in 12th place

Men 2.9km

1) Johan Näan, Sweden, 13.24,9
2) David Schneider, Switzerland, 13.34,8
3) Holger Hott Johansen, Norway, 13.41,0
4) Östein Kvaal Öterboe Norway, 13.42,7
5) Pasi Ikonen, Finland, 14.00,0
12) David Brickhill Jones, Austrialia, 14.26,3
14) Nick Barrable GREAT BRITAIN 14.44,3
17) Oli Johnson GREAT BRITAIN 14.54,4

Women 2.9km

1) Simone Niggli-Luder, Switzerland, 15.31,8
2) Jenny Johansson, Sweden, 15.53,9
3) Karolina A Höaard, Sweden, 16.04,6
4) Anne Margrethe Hausken, Norway 16.34,1
5) Paula Haapakoski, Finland, 16.42,4
10) Helen Bridle GREAT BRITAIN 18.05,4
12) Sarah Rollins GREAT BRITAIN 18.37,2
18) Jenny Whitehead GREAT BRITAIN 19.54,9

Standings after five events

1) Johan Nasman, Sweden70 points
2) Måen BoströFinland, 49 points
3) Mats Haldin, Finland, and Yuri Omeltchenko, Ukraine, 45 points
9) Nick Barrable GREAT BRITAIN 30 points
27) Matt Crane GREAT BRITAIN 6 points

1) Simone Niggli-Luder, Switzerland, 75 points
2) Sarah Rollins, GREAT BRITAIN, 64 points
3) Anne Margrethe Hausken, Norway, 58 points
4) Jenny Johansson, Sweden, 55 points
12) Helen Bridle GREAT BRITAIN 25 points
16) Claire Ward GREAT BRITAIN 15 points
20) Jo Stevenson GREAT BRITAIN 13 points


Daffydd 'i'm the only gay in the village' Brickhill-Jones

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