PWT round six


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Preliminary results are in and it was normal business resumed in Nanjing as both Simone Niggli-luder and Johan Nsman won their races as they consolidate their overall top spots.
Simone won the 3.1km course from Anne Margrethe Hausken in a time of 19.14 with Czech Republics Dana Brozkova in 3rd. The British pair of Sarah Rollins and Helen Bridle finished 4th and 5th respectively but were over a minute down on the top 3. This means that overall the gap between Sarah and Simone has widened.
In the mens, Johan Nsman won by just 3seconds from world cup sprint champion ystein Kvaal sterb in a time of 16.13. Mats Haldin completed the top 3.

Preliminary results

Women, 3.1 km, 90 m climb, 17 controls
1) Simone Niggli-Luder SUI 19.14,6
2) Anne Margrethe Hausken NOR 19.31,5
3) Dana Brozkova CZE 19.49,6
4) Sarah Rollins GBR 21.09,4
5) Helen Bridle GBR 21.44,0
6) Martina Dockalova CZE 21.56,2

Men, 3.1 km, 90 m climb, 17 controls
1) Johan Nsman SWE 16.13,8
2) ystein Kvaal sterb NOR 16.16,2
3) Mats Haldin FIN 16.45,7
4) Yuri Omeltchenko UKR 16.46,0
5) Bjrn Eriksen NOR 17.06,3
6) Mrten Bostrm FIN 17.14,9

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