PWT China


China plays host to the Park World Tour band wagon for the next five days. Three races will be held over those five days and concludes the 2004 PWT season which has visited five different countries during the year. With three races still to go the top spots are by no means done and dusted. The startlist now available for race 6 in Nanjing makes interesting reading. In the mens, all of the top six athletes in the current standings have made the journey out which will make it a highly competitive conclusion to that title race, while in the womens race only four of the top ten have made the trip. All of the top three, which includes Great Britains' Sarah Rollins, are on the startlist which includes no less than 9 local runners, giving them the chance to shine.
Great Britain interest is in the form of Nick Barrable, currently lying 9th overall, and the Women duo of Sarah Rollins and Helen Bridle, sitting 2nd and 12th respectively. Can Sarah catch super noodles...will Johan Nsman hold off Mrten Bostrm...check back to find out!

Current standings after 5 races:
Women: points:
1. Simone Niggli-Luder 75
2. Sarah Rollins 64
3. Anne Margrethe Hausken 58
4. Jenny Johansson 55
5. Dana Brozkova 50

1. Johan Nsman 70
2. Mrten Bostrm 49
3= Yuri Omelchenko 45
3= Mats Haldin 45
5. Robert Feldmann 42

Startlist can be found at the PWT site here

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