Ski-WOC 2009 in Japan


An old ski-O map from the area

As the European orienteering community gradually starts to wake up from it's winter slumber the World's ski orienteers go East to compete for international glory on the ski and scooter tracks of Rusutsu, Japan.

Ski-WOC kicks off on Wednesday with the Sprint discipline. More than 15 national teams will participate over the 4 Championship disciplines: Sprint, Middle, Long and Relay.

You can follow Ski-WOC on the official website.

Ski orienteering applied to be included in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia but was rejected, although word on the street is that Ski-WOC will be held in Russia next year.  Perhaps British Orienteering should develop a ski orienteering team? Nopesport knows of two very good British orienteers who speak fluent Russian and have some cross country skiing ability, perhaps they will consider a career in ski orienteering?

To learn more about ski orienteering, check out episode 3 of the nopesport podcast which includes an interview with World Class ski orienteer and Ski-WOC competitor Marte Renaas from Norway.

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