Japan WRE


Oli,Johnson,Jedi, the Chin call him what you like

As part of the build up to WOC 2005 in Japan the Japanese Orienteering Federation have offered training and a world ranking event in and around Nagoya. The athletes started with a PWT race on Saturday and on Sunday it was a chance for a classic race. The race itself looked tough with the athletes reasonably spread out. British athletes Jamie Stevenson, Jon Duncan and Dan Marston commented on the hilly nature and thick vegetation of the areas during their visit last year to Japan.

The winner of the Mens's course was Jani Lakanen of Finland beating the Swede Mats Troeng by 3 minutes. World Relay Gold Medalist Jorgen Rostrop was third. British interest was maintained with Oli Johson gaining a very credible 10th place amongst a very elite field. Nick Barrable was in 35th place.

In the women's class normal sevice was once again resumed with Simone Niggli Luder the victor beating Karolina Höaard by just under a minute.Crowd favourite Minna Kaupi was third. For the Brits Sarah Rollins was 13th, Helen Bridle was 24th and Jenny Whitehead was 28th.

1 Jani Lakanen FIN 92:58
2 Mats Troeng SWE 96:07
3 Jø Rostrup NOR 96:52
10 Oli Johnson GBR 101:40
35 Nick Barrable GBR 120:39

1 Simone Niggli-Luder SUI 66:28
2 Karolin Höaard SWE 67:15
3 Minna Kauppi FIN 70:43
13 Sarah Rollins GBR 82:45
24 Helen Bridle GBR 87:56
28 Jenny Whitehead GBR 91:55


Jani Lakenen Turning Japanese i really think so

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