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Apologies fot the delay, but Here is more info on the MTBO World cup, provided by Toni and taken from a MTB-o e-group:

"The areas that we have ridden in up to now have all been eucalyptus forests,
kangeroos have been spotted on the tracks as we've been charging around. The
maps are pretty intense, there is a few samples on the offical web site. The
better map readers are coming to the front. The riding and the forests make
the trip worth it though.

The Victorian Championship.
The event doesn't really count for anything other than pride but it was good
to see how things are going to work for next week. Tuesday the first
Steve Heading had the best run of the GB team, getting up to speed and
looking good for next week. Paul Trott and myself made mistakes and were in
the lower levels of the finish sheet. Hopfully we can learn by our mistakes.
Although paul has bent his rear hanger and may have problems finding a
replacement. Killian, Andy S. and Gary all had sound runs and finished mid
One thing is certain, the quality of some of the other countries is breath
taking. Elite riders no doubt.
Oh Charlotte had a good run also

We all attended the grand opening ceremony today, we rode through town from
the campsite to a park. We had speeches and a picnic. We wore union jack
shorts over our cycle shorts/tights and waved little Union Jack flags.
Then we went to a cafe had coffees in a mug the size of a cycle helmet. Very
Tomorrow, Tuesday, is when it all begins. There is a qualifier for the long
course, the first 60 go through to the final on Weds. There will be a 'B"
final on Weds too so we will all be riding two days hard on the bounce.
I think that we will all be riding flat out tomorrow to get through to the
final and worrying about Weds when it happens. The top riders will probably
take it easy on the qualifier to save it for the biggy. That is a choice
none of the GB team can make but I'm sure that we can all make it through if
we ride to the best of our abilities."

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