World Cup Sprint Final


Sarah Rollins, PWT leader

Final Mens results:
1 Østein Kvaal Øterbø 13:25
2 Mikkel Lund DEN 13:38
2 Daniel Hubmann SUI 13:38
4 Marten Bostrom FIN 13:49
5 Andrey Khramov RUS 13:50
22 Jamie Stevenson GBR 14:28
32 Matthew Speake GBR 15:01
33 = Ewan McCarthy GBR 15:05
48 Dan Marston GBR 15:41

Final Women results:
1 Simone Niggli-Luder SUI 14:00
2 Karolina A-Höaard SWE 14:21
3 Emma Engstrand SWE 14:39
10 Sarah Rollins GBR 15:13
12 Heather Monro GBR 15:17
24 Helen Winskill GBR 16:11
Mhairi Mackenzie GBR dsq

NYT member Mhairi Mackenzie mispunched but may be reinstated, as Team GB Management, a force to be reckoned with, are on the case.

Unfortunately we don't have any more information about the mispunch or the race in general, but we will update you if and when we hear more.


Jamie Stevenson in action...

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