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This year's FCC competition has even more at stake now with Bedders organising a run-in competition for the remaining 7 races of the series. While it isn't always possible to acheive your hopes for seemless orienteering, you should always have that little bit extra for the sprint down the run in. Not only is the glory of being the ultimate spurter up for grabs, but there is also the generous donation of trophies from the Hartmann Family and prizes from Nopesport.

The Rules
You must be a junior (M/W20) or below, and there are only 2 categories, male and female.
The time is from the final numbered control to the finish.
There will be 7 races, which are the remaining FCC races. Of these 4 will count, and the scoring is 1 point for first, 2 for second and so on. If people tie with the same time, they will share the total points ie joint 2nd and 3rd will get 2.5 points each. The lowest total score from your 4 best scores will win.

The Races:
4th - Welsh Short Open Championships & FCC (Middle). Pen Rhiw Wen
5th - Regional Event & Welsh Championships & FCC. Ogof Ffynon Ddu

18th - JOK Chasing Sprint 2006 & UK Cup & FCC. Bishop Wood
19th - SROC NATIONAL EVENT & WRE, UK Cup & FCC. Whitbarrow Scar

1st - British Champs - Furness Wood and Woolbeding

15th - JK Day 1 - Ilkley Moor
16th - JK Day 2 - Keldy

Closing Date & More Details:
Read the forum thread here and then Private Message 'bedders' before the 3rd of March with your Name, Club & Age Class.

Happy Spurt Training!

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