bsoa :: world schools team

Following the British Schools Championships and the special selection race the England team for next years World Schools Championships has been announced.

School Teams

Junior Girls
Senior Girls
Junior Boys
Senior Boys
Ulverston Victoria High School
Ulverston Victoria High School
Kingswood School Bath
Ulverston Victoria High School

Select Teams

Junior Girls

Harriet Batten, King Henry VIII School
Julia Blomquist*, Charters School
Catherine Bushnell*, Newport Girls High
Sophie Louth, Perse School For Girls
Zoe Smithard, Upton-by-Chester High School

Chloe Haines, Ilkley Grammar School (for those marked *)
Alison Fryer, St Bernard's Catholic High School

Senior Girls

Emily Benham*, The Burgate School
Alice Butt, South Wilts Grammar
Anne Edwards*, Oxford High School
Joanne Halliday, King Henry VIII School
Rebecca Hoare, Alun School

Victoria Stevens, Bradford Grammar School (for those marked *)
Emily Garside, Walton High School

Junior Boys

Peter Hodkinson*, Chilwell School
Matthew Halliday, King Henry VIII School
Michael Hoare, Alun School
Robert Kelly, Guiseley School
George Stevens*, Bradford Grammar School

Duncan Birtwistle, Ripon Grammar School (for those marked *)
Andrew Balfour, Cotham School

Senior Boys

Hector Haines, Ilkley Grammar
Michael Noblet, Nelson Thomlinson School
Chris Smithard, Wirral Grammar School
Ralph Street, Tiffin School
Jack Wood, Guiseley School

Daniel Hartmann, The Chase, Malvern

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