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Jess Halliday relaxing after her racing.

In a series of interviews with the JWOC athletes, we are now with Jess Halliday someone new to the Team this year and who missed out on qualifing for the A final today.

[nope]: What is it like at your first JWOC?

Jess Halliday: Kinda scary, but once I got a way from the hubbub it is quite a normal race.

[nope]: Why did you want do the sprint?

JH: I didn’t, I was offered up for the sprint. It seemed a good idea at the time, the more I thought about it the more I was up for it.

[nope]: So it went well then?

JH: Eh, yeah. For my first big sprint it went well, I made a few mistakes and it was physically tough with all the stairs up to the castle, but yeah it went well.

[nope]: Was it good to see your parents in the crowd and being here in Switzerland to support you (and your brother Daniel)?

JH: Yeah it is definitely good to see all the flags around gives you a boost and spurs you on.

[nope]: But your family here, good or annoying?

JH: Best say good ‘cos they might be reading this. I’ll tell you by the end of the week. No seriously, it good to have them around as it adds a bit of normality to the surrounding.

[nope]: But does your brother add any normality to life then?

JH: Perhaps normality is not the right word, at times I wonder which planet he is from, but he does gives me someone to talk to.

[nope]: Have the experienced athletes in the team helped you as you are the only JWOC first-timer in the girls team?

JH: Oh yes, I am looking forward to having the Edinburgh athletes of Alison and Mhairi as my training partners for next year.

[nope]: What is your philosophy on today’s result? You were unlucky not to get through to the A final?

JH: I hoped with a clean run I could have got in, but it wasn’t as clean as I wanted. I now know how to deal with the pressure and I’ve got three more races this week. I like relays, so I am looking forward to that race.

[nope]: What part of JWOC has a) Surprised you b)disappointed c) looking forward to the most?

JH: a) the food is good b) disappointed about the lack of more mealtimes c) most looking forward to dinner in 33 minutes and counting.

[nope]: I have noticed that many of the eyes of the boys has been diverted by passing foreigner talent, have you had to stop Duncan from staring?

JH: No not yet, but I don’t mind as long as he doesn’t mind me doing the same. But I have seen a particularly good looking Scandi.

[nope]: Many thanks Jess, enjoy your dinner and good luck with the rest of the week.


Jess in full flow in the Sprint

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