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What a day it has been today, we now have (un-official) Junior Sprint World Champion! Congratulations to Scott who ran a great race in a high quality field, holding off a Dane and a Swiss. Not forgetting our Jess with a superb run to get into the top 15.

The whole team came along to support their team members. A welcome addition was the British spectators, who are along for the Swiss 5 day. The start/finish arena was in scenic plaza sitting below the historic Castle of Belinzona, part of the UNSECO heritage city.

Oli, Jenny and Sarah, ran in the senior race. Oli was glad to have just beaten Scott but he felt he wasnt fast enough for the big boys. In the womens it was the turn of Simone, who had nearly caught Jenny Johansson by the half way stage. Simone finished just ahead of Jenny, to claim first by over a minute and dragging Jenny into 2nd. See here for Results

Tomorrow the Model Event and opening ceremony, will keep you posted.

An interview with Scott Fraser, the latest darling of JWOC:

[nope]: Scott great run today, what was it like?

Scott Fraser: eh, I was quite nervous on the start podium with all the cameras and took the first 50m easy and the first half of the course was pretty much perfect with the exception of one bad route choice. I punched the last control just after the spectator and started heading to the second last control but I quickly realised the errors of my ways. I pushed a bit in the second half and got into lactate as I hit the tricky section of the course. Only really a few 10 secs here and there, I came of the throttle a little towards the end.

[nope]: So running at Nordic Sprint Champs help?

Yeah, just starting on a podium in front of so many cameras and people, it was similar to today so I felt comfortable with the situation.

[nope]: A win on your first race of the week, a great start, what next?

SF: Try to have as much fun as possible and do myself justice in the forest.

[nope]: What are you aims for this week?

SF: same as above really, do myself justice. Run to the best of my ability. Nuff said.

[nope]: Is international orienteering a glamorous part of the sport?

SF: Yeah, a place to really show what you are made. The real deal, not playing anymore.

[nope]: The banquet, is it major part of your plans this week?

SF: Oh yeah. I received a beautiful bouquet, it could be passed to a peachy looking Latvian that was distracting me in the pre-start area.

[nope]: A couple of interviews and a television crew giving you a once over today. You used to this media malarkey?

SF: A bit nervous, not sure if I spoke any sense. I did ask her if she spoke Scots when she told me didnt speak much English.

[nope]: So what are you going to do with your comedy size cheque? Hit Oleg over the head with it?

SF: Buy a car as I have just passed my test

[nope]: Well just have to pray that they sell cars that cheap. Residents of Edinburgh you are warned. Well done Scott from all at Nope and we hope all your races go as well as they did today.

(NB we will upload photos as and when the internet connection allows)


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