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In the first of a series of interviews with the JWOC team, we have a freshly dyed, red hair Cerys Manning up to the line to answer questions (if you have any questions you would like asked of the athlete ‘PM Seamus’ or email the team).

[nope]: So what’s with the red hair?

Cerys Manning: It’s all Becky’s fault. But if my mum is reading this, it is only a temporary dye!

[nope]: So not it’s not a motivation thing?

CM: Well… yes, it makes me believe I am dragon. So I can fire my way up the Swiss hills and burn to a cinder my opposition.

[nope]: Flamey! This is your second JWOC. Notice any differences this time around?

CM: Accommodation is lush (welsh term for the ‘the accommodation is a lot better this year).

[nope]: But what about the race?

CM: Feeling happier and more relaxed this year. More at ease with the razzmatazz surrounding the races.

[nope]: Are you going to go on record as to which of the races will be your best?

CM: No, don’t want to jinx anything.

[nope]: What are you up against this year, in terms of the terrain? Will it be a tough JWOC?

CM: Yes it will be a tough JWOC, the main obstacles are the hills.

[nope]: But you are prepared for the hills, how many times have you been up the Sugar Loaf in the last year?

CM: I really would have to ask my supporters, Mark and Alice. Who I owe everything to, in terms of O’ing. I have a competition with them because they are going to the world masters and I have to get a higher position than them. I am going to manage this with ease and win the coveted prize of a Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding.

[nope]: Are these good puddings then?

CM: Stupid question really. Currently I am in high level negotiations with them regarding a possible sponsorship deal.

[nope]: Does this mean you eat a lot of pudding?

CM: Yes, but only as part of balance athletes diet (NOT).

[nope]: Serious questioning aside, do you think the team has prepared well for this JWOC?

CM: Yeah, this is my third time in relevant Swiss terrain in the past 12 months. I feel we are one of the best prepared teams outside of the Alpine countries of the Swiss, Austrians and Italians. I would say that this could be a fairly neutral area for holding JWOC.

[nope]: Finally, it is a bit early to look forward to next year. In Lithuania you will be one of the elder statesmen, what are your thoughts on it?

CM: It is not to early to look forward to next year. Earlier this year I had glandular fever and it hasn’t given me the greatest of physical preparation. But next year after a good winter of training you will hear the dragon really roar! However, now I am focusing on this year where I am thinking of Lverpool in the Champions league final.

[nope]: What do you mean, Everton are a far better team.

CM: No, no, I mean it more in the terms of the story of the match. When Liverpool were 3-0 down, I had Glandular Fever and felt like I was out of it. I recovered from the illness and produced a good run at the FCC final to get me here, just like when Liverpool came back to draw 3-3. The last moth has been extra time for me in terms of training. Now we are through to the penalties at JWOC, anything can happen!

[nope]: Thanks for that Cerys and from all at Nope, good luck with the races.

(NB: we will upload photos as and when the internet connection allows)


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