Jamie Stevenson Trophy

MAROC Retain Title, while Jamie Stevenson wins Yellow course.

The second staging of Scotlands answer to the Yvette Baker Trophy was today, near Perth in central Scotland.

Maroc's strength in depth showed, with three class wins meaning they retained the title they won on Kinnoull hill yesterday. And there was a shock winner on the Yellow course, one Jamie Stevenson, not TM, a 12 year old from Forth Valley.

Green Men
1. James Tullie RR
2. Duncan Coombs MAR
3. Douglas Tullie RR

Green Women
1. Victoria Longhurst
2. Kirsten Strain ELO
3. Christina Condy CUNOC

Light Green Men
1. Alan Cherry CUNOC
1. Hazel Wright MAR

Orange Men
1. Andrew Mcleod INVOC
1. Kirsty Coombs MAROC

1. Jamie Stevenson FVO
1. Katrina Mcloed GRAMP

1. MAROC 594
2. FVO 592
3. RR 580

full results on East of Scotland website later tonight.

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