FCC Fixtures

Graham Gristwood M20 Champion 2004

Provisional fixtures for the Future Champions Cup in 2005

March 5th JOK Chasing Sprint Scotland
March 6th SOA Trossachs
March 12th TVOC Bloom Wood Middle
March 13th TVOC Hambledon 20's to run 21L
March 26th WMOA Brown Clee 20s to run 20E or 20L*
March 27th WMOA Cannock Chase 20s to run 20E or 20L
April 2nd BUSA/WMOA 20s only
April 10th EBOR Barns Cliffe 18s only
April 16th SWOA Penhale
*same as the 21E middle and UK Cup

Future Champions Cup Rules

Scott Fraser M18 Champion 2004

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