England Win JHI

England have won the Junior Home Internationals 2004 in the Lake District.

Amid tales of failed SI units, confusion with disqualifications and reinstatements, and lots of different sets of final tallies, results are still filtering through. Warrior, the organising club, seem to make no mention of the event at all on their website so far.

Apparently Derek Allison has bravely taken on this event single handedly, and therefore deserves praise for muddling through as best he could. The question is why he had to take it on on his own in the first place.

Provisional results are as follows:

Final Positions
1. England
2. Scotland
3. Wales
4. Ireland

Day 1

1. Anwen Darlington W
2. Alice Butt E
3. Emily Garside E

1. Victoria Stevens E
2. Victoria Longhurst S
3. Emily Benham E

1. Cerys Manning W
2. Rose Hodkinson E
3. Helen Gardner E

1. Ralf Street E
2. George Stevens E
3. Peter Hodkinson E

1. Rhodri Buffet W
2. Doug Tullie S
3. Hector Hains E

1. Duncan Coombs S
2. Rhys Findlay-Robinson W
3. Kyle Heron S

After Day 1, the country positions were as follows -

1. England
2. Wales
3. Scotland
4. Ireland

Day 2

Boys Relay
1. Scotland
2. England
3. England

Girls Relay
1. England
2. England
3. England
4. Scotland

Individual Splits
relay Splits

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