JWOC info

GG has been kind enough to keep us updated from Poland, with information about what is going on there right now, in the lead up to JWOC in July.

This was his first installment -

"forests are a mix of forest of deam runnability and cannock contours shapes

hills are big, and often going round is quicker
point features are plentiful but often small

weather is generally good - hot in mornings, cooling off later with some heavy downpoours at times

food is wierd but good
dinner is at lunch time, normally with soup and some kind of meat with potatoes and veg

evening meal is sandwiches and stuff

everything is very cheap
public transport (to get to areas to train on) is very good
forest very nice and easy to get too
havent been to beach yet

scotia - 'girls are nice (especially hot pant girl who works in our hostel)'

coolest dog ever here

been doing team building practice - holding each other's ropes (relaying?) on the climbing wall out the front of the hostel

bedecking the place with union jacks (well one anyway)

thats about it
more installments soon"

Thanks to GG for that, we look forward to his (or any other member of the team's) next installment

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