JIRC Individual


Bad weather (the oposite of which is shown above) and a vandalised control marred the Junior Inter-regional Championships today, however there were a number of strong performances across the field.

M14 was won by everyones top prediction, George Stevens of YHOA, 16 seconds ahead of Ralph Street from SEOA. Peter Hodkinson took third, showing that the Hodkinson blood is still running strong in the o world.

W14 went to Emily Garside of WMOA ahead of two welsh runners, Anwen Darlington and Becky Hoare, scoring good points for the Welsh team.

Douglas Tullie of Scotland managed to deny Rhoddri Buffet the win, beating him by over a minute. Rhodri lost 2 minutes in the dunes but Douglas was smooth through all the controls.

The remaining classes were marred by a vandalised control, which was first moved and then stolen. The controller decided that the fairest solution would be to curtail courses at the previous control, around 6 minutes from the finish. Fortunately, this did not lead to any major disruptions in the standings.

Hollie Orr of Scotland won W16, comfortably ahead of Catherine Taylor of NE.

The Scottish M18 team looked weak on paper, with Chepelin, Fraser and Brunton all missing, but they still finished with three runners in the top 6. Duncan Coombs, who is still recovering from Glandular fever took top honours from Will Spain of NW. Duncan led from the start and could easily have lot is towards the end, making three one minute mistakes in a row, but he held on fo the title.

W18 was dominated by the south and midlands. Lizzie Adams was South centrals only winner, beating Ruth Holmes of SW and Jess Halliday of WM, although none of these runners had clean runs!

Overall team scores wil be revealed at the prize-giving tonight but it looks like West Midlands and North West have had good days. Scotland and Wale were both strong in some classes and had good individual performances but their weaker runners and lack of depth may show in the overall standings.


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