FCC Decided

At the second day of the 0007 today the winners and future champions along with the British champions at MW20 were decided.
The second day of the FCC final was held in Lydney Park scene of JK Day 1 and the JK Relays 2 years ago.

So the results:
Girls:FCC Cup Winner: Mhairi Mackenzie
W20E, FCC Series Winner: Alison O'Neil
W20E, British Champion - Classic: Mhairi Mackenzie
W20E, British Champion - Short: Mhairi Mackenzie
W18E, FCC Series Winner: Cerys Manning

Guys, FCC Cup Winner: Graham Gristwood
M20E, FCC Series Winner: Graham Gristwood
M20E British Champion - Classic: Graham Gristwood
M20E British Champion - Short: Graham Gristwood*
M18E FCC Series Winner - Scott Fraser

*Mark Nixon was non-competative for BEOC

Congratulations to you all. And if you're anything like last years Future Champion (Murray Strain) your future involves plodding round senior classic races and then writing rubbish reports for orienteering websites ;)

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