World Schools Team Results

We have provisional team results from the World Schools Championships. Thanks to CJ for being bored enough to work them out. THESE RESULTS ARE VERY PROVISIONAL. We will bring you definite results as we get them. Our provisional set is here.

Overall they are a great set of results with one 1st place in D2 select, 2nd places for H2 select and H2 school,3rd in D1 select. The H1 select team pulled themselves up from 6th place in the classic to 4th overall whilst a close medium race lost the H1 school two places to come 6th overall. The D1 and D2 school teams also just missed out on medal positions finishing in 4th overall.
Scotland's D1 school team gained them 13th place on the first occassion they have participated in the World Schools, hopefully we'll see more of them there in future.

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