JK Juniors


JK Juniors
This years JK saw an increased amount of international runners, including numerous Swedes and Norwegians, some Irish and a Belgian on the junior courses.

Nykögs OK of Sweden took a strong hold of M10A, with Didrik Hall winning both days to secure victory and club mate Daniel Nilsson 3rd both days to take bronze overall. Jack Benham SARUM was the best of the Brits separating the two Swedes in second place both days to secure silver.
Jonathan Crickmore of SO won both days on M12A to put himself on top of the podium, however there was a lot of shuffling amongst the rest of the field between day 1 and overall results. Sindre Ronning Huber Tynset Norway was 2nd on day 1, however he couldn’t reproduce and finished 19th on day 2 to drop down to 9th. Michael Beasant DEE was 3rd on day 1, yet a disappointing run on day 2 saw him drop down to 5th. Robin Tett SYO had two consistent runs of 6th and 3rd and took second place overall, whilst Duncan Birtwistle CLARO had 5th and 6th to place 3rd overall.
Sweden dominated this class, with Erik Blomgren from the mighty Stora Tuna IK taking top spot. George Stevens AIRE was 2nd overall beating the next Brit by 10 minutes, surely one to look out for in the future. Mariestads FK sent over a large contingent for the JK, Albin Petterson took 3rd place for them with 4th position both days. Peter Hodkinson NOC was 2nd on day 1, but 9th on day 2 and dropped into 4th. Swedes took up 5th and 6th overall places as well.
Day 1 was definitely not a sign of overall positions, there was a lot of change after day2. After day 1 it was Doug Tullie RR in 1st ahead of Tom Windsor LOC and Rob Farrington of LOC. Doug may have lost some time on day 2, but with his strong run on day 1 it was enough to take the overall title. There were some stunning day 2 comebacks with Martin Jullum Halson SK Norway getting the second fastest time to pull himself from 9th to 2nd, and Rhodri Buffet, back from injury won day 2, just 7 seconds ahead of the Norwegian to pull himself up from 11th into 3rd. Rob and Tom both lost some time on day 2 and finished 4th and 5th respectively.
Scott Fraser EUOC Legend and BUSA Relay Champion demolished the opposition on day 1 to take a lead of over 7 minutes into day 2. Chris Mitchell PFO was 2nd and Andrew Llewellyn NOC was 3rd. On day 2 things were a bit closer; Scott still reigned supreme like the mighty Greek god that he is and with a 2 minute lead managed to take the overall title by an awe-inspiring 10 minutes. Andrew Llewellyn took 2nd place on day 2 and overall with Chris Mitchell in 3rd despite losing some time on day 2. Andrew Brunton CLYDE pulled back time on Chris, but not enough, and took 4th place.
3rd Peter B!!! Is this the best run of your life?

In the junior boys every day 1 winner became JK champion

Lucy Butt SARUM took overall victory with 1st and 2nd places. Rosalind Shepherd INVOC took 2nd and Oban Lewsley BL took 3rd. Sarah Hale (you may know of her dad) OK Tyr Sweden was 3rd on day 1; however she had a bad day 2 losing time and mispunching.
Abigail Longhurst FVO won both days to become the JK Champion. Meabh McCann of LVO in Northern Ireland did similarly taking 2nd both days to secure 2nd overall, and Delyth Darlington ERYRI took 3rd place overall despite losing some time on day 2. Amazingly Sarah Tullie pulled herself up from 23rd on day 1 to finish 7th, posting the 4th fastest time on day 2.
Alice Butt SARUM was 2nd on day 1, just seconds down, however a slower time on day 2 saw her drop into 3rd place. Day 1 winner Anwen Darlington ERYRI was 2nd on day 2, but she had lost enough time to slip into second, and so it was 3rd place from day 1, Emily Garside of WCH who posted the fastest time on day 2 to become the overall victor. Rebecca Hoare ERYRI got 4th fastest time in day 2 and pulled up from 15th to 5th. It looks like the making of a good junior girl’s team in ERYRI.
Another class with a strong foreign field. This time it was from Norway. Gitte Bromander of Fredrikstad SK was 1st on day 1 and 2nd on day 2 to win the JK. Catherine Taylor CLOK had 2 good runs to take 2nd overall. Halden SK’s Ida Marie Bjorgul managed to pull herself up from 10th over night by winning day 2 and claimed 3rd place on the rostrum. Thea Mathisen of Fredrikstan SK did similarly with 13th on day1 and 4th on day 2, she took the 4th position overall. Victoria Stevens AIRE was 2nd on day 1 but unfortunately had a bad run on day 2 and finished 10th, dropping down into 5th overall.
Another Norwegian, Emma Johansson Fredrikstad SK won day 1 and had a 3 minute lead over GBR Junior International Cerys Manning of SWOC (SomeWhere OC). Yet on day 2 Cerys took 5 minutes out of the Norwegian and took the JK title with the fastest time of the day. Helen Gardner of WAOC had two consistent runs of 4th on both days and took 3rd place overall. Lizzie Adams SOC was 5th both days to take 4th overall, whilst Rebecca Roberts SROC dropped from 3rd on day 1 to 5th overall with 13th place on day 2. The second fastest time on day 2 came from Lithuanian Raca Ptashekite, however it was only enough to give her 9th overall.

A truly fantastic weekend, well organised, good areas, some nice weather and a lot of mistakes. Congratulations to all of this year's JK Champions, and thank you to all who helped.

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